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“Revolução no ensino da Matemática nos Estados Unidos”

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"This report represents the first comprehensive analysis of math education to be based on sound science," said Secretary Spellings. "The National Math Advisory Panel's findings and recommendations make very clear what must be done to help our children succeed in math. We must teach number and math concepts early, we must help students believe they can improve their math skills and we must ensure they fully comprehend algebra concepts by the time they graduate from high school. The Panel's extensive work will benefit generations of American students."
The experts on the National Mathematics Advisory Panel represent over six centuries of experience in their respective fields. They have received testimony from more than 200 individuals and nearly 150 organizations, and reviewed more than 16,000 research studies.
The report respects the role of teachers as those in the best position to determine how to teach a given concept or skill. Instead of defining methods for teaching, the report offers a timeline of when students must master critical topics. The panel determined that students need to develop rapid recall of arithmetic facts in the early grades, going on to master fractions in middle school. Having built this strong foundation, the panel stated students would then be ready for rigorous algebra courses in high school or earlier. Noting changing demographics and rising economic demands, Secretary Spellings stressed the significance of the panel's findings on algebra.
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National Mathematics Advisory Panel Releases Final Report

On March 13, 2008, the National Mathematics Advisory Panel presented its Final Report to the President of the United States and the Secretary of Education. Copies of these ground-breaking reports, rich with information for parents, teachers, policy makers, the research community, and others, are provided below.

Foundations for Success: Report of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel
Final Report
PDF (851 KB) Word (1 MB)

Draft Task Group Reports
Conceptual Knowledge and Skills
Word (1.3 MB)
Learning Processes
Word (7.9 MB)
Instructional Practices
Word (2.9 MB)
Word (1.2 MB)
Word (876 KB)

Draft Subcommittee Reports
Standards of Evidence
PDF (68 KB) Word (276 KB)
Instructional Materials
Word (958 KB)
National Survey of Algebra Teachers for the National Math Panel
PDF (4.1 MB) Word (3.2 MB)
Fact Sheet
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