quinta-feira, março 27, 2008

Complexidade e Educação

Uma área que me interessa.
Recursos de excelente qualidade, aqui:


This website is intended as a meeting place for educators and educational researchers whose work is informed and/or orientated by complexity. To this end, the site includes links to:
the community of
people currently interested in complexity and education.Anyone subscribed to this site can lodge their details on this site (subscribe now).
online journal Complicity: An International Journal of Complexity and Education.
annual conference of Complexity Science and Educational Research (CSER)which includes a link to the full conference proceedings for every conference thathas been held.
a glossary of terms
a list of references, including general
complexity references which address the issue of complexity per se, or complexity as it relates to fields other than education, and more specific complexity-in-education references.
a webliography comprising a list of
weblinks to other useful complexity websites.
a place to post notices or make
suggestions about the construction,elaboration and/or modification of the site
The decisions to build this site and to found an online academic journal were made during the first Complexity Science and Educational Research Conference, held in Edmonton, Alberta in October 2003. The site itself was conceived and developed at the University of Alberta by a group of professors and graduate students in the Faculty of Education.
We invite you to browse the site and to participate with us in its elaboration—whether through the
online journal, the annual conference, the noticeboard page, or simply by deciding to subscribe and then adding your details to the list of people making up our community of users.

3 comentários:

Paideia disse...

3za, a Conferência da Afirse do ano passado foi sobre a complexidade. Tens nas actas algum bom material produzido em Portugal.
Um abraço.

Teresa Martinho Marques disse...

:) Obrigada!
Está disponível online? Sem querer abusar... se está... está onde? :)

Teresa Martinho Marques disse...

Encontrei o local... as actas ainda não. Suponho que tenha de ser na Biblioteca... e eu que adoro ter tudo aqui ao sabor de um cliquezinho... :)