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Scratch, Drawdio e Jay Silver...

Partindo daqui...

... cheguei aqui :

Scratch Lowers Resistance to Programming

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- A new language from MIT's Media Lab makes it easy for kids to develop programs that interact with things in the real world: Pencils, paper, water, and even vegetables.
Called Scratch, it's not so much a procedural language as an environment for creating interactive animations, annotated stories, slideshows, prototypes and games. It's designed to be as simple to use as possible, so kids as young as 8 can get started building their own animations with minimal preparation.
"Our design philosophy is, don't design something for kids that you don't also find engaging and interesting," says Jay Silver, one of the researchers who created Scratch. Silver works in the Media Lab's "Lifelong Kindergarten" group. So it's not surprising that the environment is fun for adults, too. At the Emerging Technology conference here Monday, a roomful of grownups were playing with the program, creating bouncing kitties and a simple golf game.

Silver is also the instigator of Drawdio, a $20 kit that makes different musical tones based on the resistance of a circuit, enabling kids (or adults) to make music by touching conductive objects, water or each other.
The idea is to get kids to explore with the real world by translating one property (such as resistance) into another (sound) in a way that encourages fun and experimentation, says Silver.
"My projects are about exploring the urban environment and trusting yourself as a scientist," says Silver.

Daqui, por conta do "Drawdio",cheguei a outro lugar:

e por lá... encontrei o universo de Jay Silver do MIT (que escutei em Julho 08 in loco)


Deixo dois vídeos sobre os temas...

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