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Constructionism in Practice...

... Designing, Thinking, and Learning in a Digital World

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The digital revolution necessitates, but also makes possible, radical changes in how and what we learn. Constructionism in Practice describes a set of innovative educational research projects at the MIT Media Laboratory, illustrating how new computational technologies can transform our conceptions of learning, education, and knowledge.
Constructionism in Practice grows out of 30 years of research on technologies for learning and thinking at MIT, and provides a rich and comprehensive description of constructionist educational theories. The book draws on real-world educational experiments conducted in formal and informal contexts: from inner-city schools and university labs to neighborhoods and after-school clubhouses. These experiments demonstrate how technology-based design activities can empower children from a wide range of backgrounds to become more confident and competent learners, and help them make deep connections with important mathematical and scientific ideas.
The book integrates ideas from the fields of learning, design, computer science, education, psychology, and epistemology, and presents a comprehensive theoretical framework for technologies in education. The book is divided into four interrelated sections: Perspectives in Constructionism, Learning through Design, Learning in Communities, and Learning about Systems.
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