domingo, maio 04, 2008

Bom Domingo

Como prova de que, depois de um dia em que pouco mais consegui do que me manter meio dormente na horizontal, acordei com um bocadinho mais de energia, deixo aqui fotos fresquinhas do jardim... Quando eu não resisto a um encanto... a uma magia... é porque estou no caminho da cura. Hoje ainda procurarei a horizontal como posição privilegiada (sensatez aconselha), mas não podia deixar de partilhar convosco, em jeitinho de bom dia perfumado, duas repetidas rosas e uma das minhas favoritas que me ofereceu, finalmente, duas flores esta Primavera (Jude the obscure). Tudo salpicado com as histórias que as tornam ainda mais especiais...
Porque é Domingo...
(Um bom dia para parar e cheirar a rosa...)

A Shropshire Lad (desta vez em corpo quase inteiro)

The name is taken from A.E. Houseman’s collection of poems about the county in which our nursery is situated. (David Austin Roses)

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The main theme of A Shropshire Lad is mortality, and so living life to its fullest, since death can strike at any time. For example, number IV, titled "Reveille", urges an unnamed "lad" to stop sleeping in the daylight, for "When the journey's over/There'll be time enough to sleep."

A Gertrude Jekyll (cuja história podem ler AQUI)

E, em estreia este ano, uma das minhas favoritas
‘Jude the Obscure’ vies with Golden Celebration for the first place as the most magnificent of the English Roses. Its flowers are very large and of incurved chalice shape. Their color is a pleasing medium yellow on the inside of the petals and a paler yellow on the outside. It has excellent, strong and almost completely disease-free growth. This rose is particularly fine in a dry climate, although it may ball in the rain. A very strong, unusual and delicious fragrance with a fruity note reminiscent of guava and sweet white wine. Named after the character in Thomas Hardy’s novel1895. (David Austin Roses)
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Resumo: Jude The Obscure, an almost unbearably sad story about love and sexual desire mapped into the peculiar English matrixes of class and destiny in the Victorian 19th century, has come to be recognized as one of Hardy's most important novels. It tells the tragic story of Jude Fawley, a kid from the country whose aspirations to university scholarship are thwarted; his socially unacceptable love affair is also a disaster.

'Jude the Obscure' is the most vigorous grower of my English Roses. It is also one of the most beautiful, and most fragrant. In my section on rose fragrances, I wrote the following: 'Jude the Obscure' reminds me of candied clementines, honey, vanilla, and even guavas. One rose can intoxicate a whole room with its fragrance. I would like to try shades of it in a dessert wine, but would become drunk from its vapors. 'Jude the Obscure' has deep yellow petals with shades of apricot or pink depending on the weather. The rose is deeply cupped into a form like a large peony or chalice with the top softly folding inward, as if to hold in the perfumed bouquet.
(Texto e esta última foto retiradas deste excelente site:

Jude the Obscure

Se não tiverem nada melhor para fazer este Domingo... leitura não vos falta!
(British one...)

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Anónimo disse...

Uma boa maneira de começar um domingo ...Com flores e livros.
Bom domingo!

Teresa Martinho Marques disse...

Obrigada! Bom Domingo e boa semana!Beijinhos