domingo, abril 12, 2009

Handbook of Research on Mathematics Teaching and Learning

Sim, um dos livros em mãos...
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - NCTM
... written by leading experts in the field of mathematics education, the Handbook is specifically designed to make important, vital scholarship accessible to mathematics education professors, graduate students, educational researchers, staff development directors, curriculum supervisors, and teachers. The Handbook provides a framework for understanding the evolution of the mathematics education research field against the backdrop of well-established conceptual, historical, theoretical, and methodological perspectives. It is an indispensable working tool for everyone interested in pursuing research in mathematics education as the references for each of the Handbook's twenty-nine chapters are complete resources for both current and past work in that particular area.
Já existe uma versão mais recente (dois volumes) de 2007. Ver aqui.
(Lista de conteúdos aqui)

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Maria disse...

Hello, miga, ainda estamos em descanso de Páscoa!... LOL


Teresa Martinho Marques disse...

eh eh.... tirandoa Suiça... descanso? Isso é o quê???? :)
Bjinhos e até amanhã!