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Recursos: Investigação qualitativa (David Silverman)

Partilho mais alguns recursos que se têm revelado úteis...
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Clicar nas capas dos livros para ler alguns excertos e ver índices...

O autor:

David Silverman is Professor Emeritus, Sociology Department, Goldsmiths College and Visiting Professor, Management Department, King’s College, University of London. He is author/editor of many top-selling qualitative books for Sage London: Interpreting Qualitative Data, 2/e (2001), Qualitative Research Practice (2004), Qualitative Research, 2/e (2004), and Doing Qualitative Research, 2/e (2004). He is also series editor of Introducing Qualitative Methods.(fonte)

Doing Qualitative Research
A Practical Handbook Second Edition

David Silverman's seminal Doing Qualitative Research can justifiably claim to be `the supervisor in your pocket' for all PhD and Masters students embarking on their own qualitative research project.
This hugely popular textbook has been fully revised and updated and is one of the few books available that can claim to be essential reading for anyone planning their own research project.
Written in a lively, accessible style, this step-by-step guide provides answers to all the questions students ask when beginning their first research project. Silverman demonstrates how to learn the craft of qualitative research by applying knowledge about different methods to actual data. He provides practical advice on key issues, such as: defining `originality' and narrowing down a topic; keeping a research diary and writing a research report; and presenting research to different audiences.
Features of Doing Qualitative Research: Second Edition include:
- six new chapters
- case studies of students' own experiential accounts of doing research
- essential guidance on practical issues such as working with your supervisor or writing up your research
- end-of-chapter 'researcher's checklists'
- a range of examples from across the full range of social science disciplines, including sociology, education, health studies and business studies
- the latest discussions of CAQDAS and E-research
- an all new and extended methods glossary
Doing Qualitative Research: Second Edition retains Silverman's uniquely accessible, hands-on style, walking the student through every aspect of the process of actually doing a qualitative research project.
Packed with case studies and examples of students' experiences, the book has many features to aid study, including overviews, summaries of key skills and a glossary of terms. Each stage in the research process is grounded in worked examples based on the experiences of real students, with exercises designed both to test readers' knowledge and to encourage the development of practical skills.

Interpreting Qualitative Data
Methods for Analyzing Talk, Text and Interaction Third Edition

In this exciting and major updating of one the most important textbooks for beginning qualitative researchers, David Silverman seeks to match the typical chronology of experience faced by the student-reader. Earlier editions of Interpreting Qualitative Data largely sought to provide material for students to answer exam questions, yet the undergraduate encounter with methods training is increasingly assessed by students doing their own research project. In this context, the objective of the Third Edition is to offer undergraduates the kind of hands-on training in qualitative research required to guide them through the process.
New to the Third Edition:
- substantially rewritten so as to better match the realities of undergraduate qualitative methods courses
- more worked examples throughout the book to help students work with their data
- Chapter One now provides an extensive discussion of the practical and design issues of how to get started, establish a limited research problem, select a method, address ethical issues, get the information required and plan time effectively
- a completely new chapter on 'writing up' which includes a section on theorising from data. Also, a completely new ethics chapter.
- updating of all methods chapters
- in line with current undergraduate benchmarking practice, each section now begins with opening chapter objectives.
Interpreting Qualitative Data, Third Edition is a companion volume to David Silverman's Doing Qualitative Research: A Practical Handbook (SAGE, Second Edition 2005), a guide to the business of conducting a research project, together with its accompanying volume of key readings, Qualitative Research: Theory, Method & Practice (SAGE, Second Edition 2004), which provides further, more focused, material that students require before contemplating their own qualitative research study.

Qualitative Research
Theory, Method and Practice
Second Edition

Building on the global success of the first edition of Qualitative Research: Theory, Method and Practice, the new edition has been thoroughly updated and revised. It succeeds in providing a comprehensive yet accessible guide to a variety of methodological approaches to qualitative research.
Edited by David Silverman, the book brings together a team of internationally-renowned researchers to discuss the theory and practice of qualitative research. In each chapter, the contributors broaden our conception of qualitative research by drawing upon particular examples of data-analysis to advance their analytical arguments.
The contributors successfully combine a discussion of more traditional methods, with more recent developments in the field; including the use of internet data and researching visual culture.
Illustrated by case studies and practical examples, this student-friendly and engaging text will be an invaluable resource for all students involved in qualitative research across the social sciences.

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