domingo, abril 30, 2006

"Cultivating futures"

Hoje descobri que, na BBC Prime, Alan Titchmarsh regressou às 10:30 com a sua meia hora de absoluto prazer (quer se goste de jardinagem quer não) "How to be a Gardener" (novos episódios).

Humor, poesia, beleza. Chega-me perfeitamente ao Domingo.

E porque esta faceta dos ingleses me fascina, deixo-vos alguns fios de teia para este mundo.
Prestem especial atenção ao documento que se segue, da Royal Horticultural Society:


Growing for the future

Gardening – the growing of plants – brings benefits to people, the communities they live in, and the wider environment. It strengthens health in body and mind, and taps our talents for nurturing and creativity. Our wider society benefits too: gardening helps to bring people together, and instils a shared sense of pride in a place, which helps build strong communities. Horticulture has an important part to play for people and places everywhere. In Britain, a nation of gardeners, we have the potential to enrich everyone’s life. At the RHS, we’ve always worked hard to nurture horticultural knowledge and skills. Now, in our third century, we want to capture the imagination of more people across the country, and inspire them to get their hands dirty.
Every child should have the opportunity to grow and enjoy plants. We want to inspire an interest in plants among children and help young people understand their place in the natural world. We are developing our school and family learning programmes to ensure that as many children as possible can take part. We are engaging young children by extending and enhancing our Schools Membership Scheme, through more outreach projects such as the RHS Flourish Campaign, which supports a diversity of schools, and by encouraging even more schools to visit our gardens around the country. We are doing more in our gardens, and beyond, to help families enjoy exploring the world of plants together. Every opportunity is being taken to encourage hands-on participation, so that each child can have a go at growing plants.

Livros do Alan

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