quarta-feira, janeiro 23, 2013

Learn to Code, Code to Learn: Mitchel Resnick

Reading, Writing, and Programming:

Mitch Resnick at TEDxBeaconStreet Most people view computer coding as a narrow technical skill. Not Mitch Resnick. He argues that the ability to code, like the ability to read and write, is becoming essential for full participation in today's society. And he demonstrates how Scratch programming software from the MIT Media Lab makes coding accessible and appealing to everyone -- from elementary-school children to his 83-year-old mom. As director of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab, Mitch Resnick designs new technologies that, in the spirit of the blocks and finger paint of kindergarten, engage people of all ages in creative learning experiences.



Learning Without Frontiers Mitchel Resnick - Learning from Scratch 

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