quinta-feira, novembro 26, 2009

eLearning Awards winners announced at EMINENT 2009 conference

Não fomos contemplados, mas já valeu a aventura e a presença no TOP50 que deixou os alunos felizes!

The winners in each category are:

ACER platinum award for “The e-Mature School - innovative teaching and mentoring”Asiantuntijaverkosto, Maria Teikari, The Classical High School of Tampere, Finland

Promethean gold award for “MST - best learning resource or object”Leçons et Exercices interactifs au Fondamental, Michel Neroucheff, Ecole Fondamentale mixte Vanhelmont,

BelgiumSMART gold award for “Enabling students to use learning environments” E- Learning for a sustainable planet, Maria Blasini, Istituto Comprensivo Guglielmo Marconi, Italy

eInstruction silver award for “Best school learning platform / virtual workspace” For knowledge virtually, Artur Zajączkowski, Gimnazjum imienia księdza Jana Twardowskiego,

PolandIntel silver award for “MST - Best online or blended course Teaching Science in Art High School of Ampelokipoi, Vangelis Koltsakis, Art High School of Ampelokipoi,

GreeceElluminate silver award for “Collaborative learning using web 2.0”My Class - Super Class!, Stasele Riskiene, Kursenai Pavenciai secondary school, Lithuania

Young Digital Planet silver award for “Foreign language learning through ICT”My English Project, Antonio Juan Delgado García, I. E. S. "Cristo Del Rosario", Spain

Cisco bronze award for “Cross border cooperation in Europe”Schoolovision 2009!, Michael Purves, Yester Primary School, UK

Microsoft bronze award for “Promoting digital literacy”Digital Storytelling - Stop Motion Animation, Salvör Gissurardóttir, Háskóli Íslands Menntavísindasvið, IcelandEuropean Schoolnet award for “Beyond Europe - global collaboration”Globaldreamers - Peace Project, Marsha Goren, Ein Ganim School, Israel

The ten finalists, as well as all submitted entries, are brilliant examples of new trends emerging in education, fostering ICT cooperation, networking and partnerships across Europe and beyond. This year, all participating projects were included into the Learning Resource Exchange, to gain additional visibility and encourage other teachers to follow their example.


4 comentários:

Raul Martins disse...

E a "tribo" que te admira fica feliz...

Anónimo disse...

Foi excelente ter ficado entre os 50 melhores dos quase 700 projectos apresentados a concurso. Parabéns! P.

Anónimo disse...

Eu concordo inteiramente com P.
Parabéns aos molhos à professora e alunos :)

Teresa Martinho Marques disse...

Obrigada... :)
Abraço grande