quinta-feira, agosto 07, 2008

Últimas da Conferência Scratch...

Já disponíveis aqui os últimos vídeos:

Special Event
The High-Tech Magic of Seth Raphael
Seth RaphaelThis modern day miracle show will leave people wondering: Was that real magic, really technology, and is there any difference at all? Seth Raphael does the impossible in his new show, “The Online Magician.” Time machines, wireless power, and telepathic computers all make an appearance in this wonder-filled, thought-provoking show. Illustrating the importance of a magical perspective in an ever-more-technological age, Seth does not shy away from an honest critique of scientists, modern day shamans, or even magicians as he performs modern miracles. Seth Raphael envisions the future of technology as only a magician can.

Closing Keynote
Learning to Design, Designing to Learn
Geetha Narayanan, Founder and Director, Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology
John Maeda, President, Rhode Island School of Design
Moderator: Mitchel Resnick, MIT Media Lab
The activities of designing and learning are tightly interwoven. In the process of designing, we play with new ideas, explore new concepts, gain new perspectives. Two of the world’s most innovative design educators discuss how new media technologies can transform the ways we design and learn—and the ways we think about designing and learning.

2 comentários:

Beatriz disse...

Nem nas Vérias a professora para todos os dias a escrever.
Boas férias e muito scrach.

Bjs Bia.

Teresa Martinho Marques disse...

Adorei ver-te aqui Bia! Que bom! Continuação de boas férias e muitos beijinhos (ando às voltas com a tese... um dia destes estive a ouvir-te a transcrever a tua entrevista.... sempre se matam saudades... Há projectos novos?)