quarta-feira, julho 16, 2008

The High-Tech Magic of Seth Raphael

No dia 24, das 19 às 20 (depois dos trabalhos do dia)... Assistiremos a algo semelhante... Parte do programa da conferência:

The High-Tech Magic of Seth Raphael
This modern day miracle show will leave people wondering: Was that real magic, really technology, and is there any difference at all? Seth Raphael does the impossible in his new show, “The Online Magician.” Time machines, wireless power, and telepathic computers all make an appearance in this wonder-filled, thought-provoking show. Illustrating the importance of a magical perspective in an ever-more-technological age, Seth does not shy away from an honest critique of scientists, modern day shamans, or even magicians as he performs modern miracles. Seth Raphael envisions the future of technology as only a magician can.

Vídeo descoberto e partilhado por RubikoO no Twitter.

Seth Raphael claims Randi's Million Dollar Challenge -
27 min - 01/04/2008

At the MIT Media Lab in April 2008, Hi-Tech Magician Seth Raphael (http://magicseth.com) challenged James Randi (http://randi.org ), claiming his computer can read minds. Randi accepted the challenge and then watched as Seth's computer succeeded in passing all of his tests. Witness Randi handing Seth the first good faith check for $10,000. Seth performs all of these miracles in live shows for companies across the world.

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